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Should I include a picture with my profile or a personal ad?

Yes, people will want to know who you are before answering your ad. A picture with a profile will greatly increase your likelyhood of getting a match.

 Do I have to answer all the questions on a profile or personal ad form?

Yes, it will make you seem like someone they will want to answer. The more information that you fill out on the form the better will be the replies that you will get from people.

What kind of pictures should I include with my profile?

You should have several pictures of you. Try and have a few pictures that display the unique person that you are.

Can I post a picture of me with other people?

Only if the other people in the picture are very ugly and make you look very good. Really, you want the focus to be on you and not someone else in the picture.Stick to pictures of just you for your profile. Later you can send pictures that include other people.

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